Friday, February 15, 2008

Weekend Ski Conditions - Feb. 15, 2008

As of today, Friday, Feb. 15, the conditions have not changed much from the last 3 days or so, although it was a little more cloudy and cooler up at the trails today, so they probably didn't transition as much today in the sun.

Early yesterday morning, it snowed about 1/2", but it was also very windy. I was surprised by the storm as I headed up for my early morning ski. I quickly had to put some hard wax over my thick layer of blue klister. The little bit of new snow in the tracks made my skis stick pretty hard for a while. It also made for interesting skiing on the crusty, fast downhill meadow onto the lower road. I was absolutely flying on the crusty, fast snow when I hit the lower road and went to put my skis into the tracks and they went from 50 km/hr to 0 km/hr instantly and I went ass-over-teakettle and had to dig my head out of a 3 foot hole! My neck is still strained from that digger.

A storm is still slated to hit the area sometime in the near future, but it is taking its slow time getting here. There are not a lot of available groomers (read, it's not clear as to who will be grooming for this weekend) at the moment, so be ready for anything tomorrow morning. It will likely be "classic and tourning only" tomorrow if it snows and no one is available to groom; don't plan on skating if it snows.

We'll try to get the skate lane groomed for Sunday's training tt.

Check back here for details as we get them.

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