Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Post-Mortem Recap of Winter 2017-18

Just for "keeping up the records," I'm posting a very brief description of the Winter of Discontent 2017-18.  In short, it sucked.  It was a record that was so far away from anything ever observed in over 125 years of weather data collection.  It didn't even amount to 10% of normal snowfall, and was incredibly warm.

We did manage to eek out about 2 weeks of skiing, with about one week of grooming...all in the last part of February.  I skied on the trails a total of 4 times, myself, and I would say that last time was pushing it and resulted in making my pair of rock skis even rockier.

It was too bad, as we had gotten the trails in pretty good shape and would have had a good season.

As I write this in November 2018, it looks like the winter of 2018-19 will be better...we'll keep our fingers crossed.  We have a new (to us) Polaris UTV that we're putting "snow tracks" on so that we don't have to suffer trying to drive Kermit, and will hopefully not have so many problems getting stuck while using the snowmobile (the Viking) out in the meadows after a windy storm. 

Thanks to all of the club volunteers!  Keep up with things via the Facebook site, but we will post more text here.  Think SNOW!!!