Friday, August 6, 2010

Oct 16-17th "Camping and Trailwork with Fall Colors" weekend

Save the date Oct 16-17th for a fun weekend of camping and trail work surrounded by fall colors! Details from our club president below:
I know it's a little early to start talking about the upcoming ski season, but stuff seems to approach faster than we want when it really is time. I am looking at when we might be able to get together, as many as are willing to help out to go out and spend some time working on the trails this coming October.
The Forest Service is also wanting all of us volunteers to complete the trail work and chainsaw field safety classes. They will be there to conduct these, as we get some work done in the process. There are several problem areas where deadfall has collected very close to the sides of the trail, and where brush is getting out of control, so there is plenty to do. There may even be a couple of aspens and dead firs that can be removed to clean up the trail line and keep us from having so much grief during grooming season.
Upon review of the calendar, it appears that the 3rd weekend of October looks best (16th-17th). People have various things going on the first couple of weekends (including trail fest running and off-road duathlon races at Ullr Fest) of October, plus the aspen leaves will be in peak season about that time, so it should be very nice.
I am proposing perhaps setting up some camps on the trails during the week prior, so that we can spend a weekend outside getting lots of things done, like drainage, grading, aspen shoot whacking, fence pole setting, etc.
You don't have to camp, but it might be fun and more efficient to get everything done for some of us, so there may be some things that could be done by everyone like keeping the camp running and etc. There's definitely something for everyone and it'll give us all a closer relationship with this amazing trail system that we've all worked so hard on for all of these years.
Please consider marking that weekend off for trail work volunteering. It's been a while since we've put in a big club weekend to clean things up, and if you've been up there this summer, you can see that things are getting a bit shaggy around the edges.
Please RSVP by leaving a comment on our facebook page, responding to Clay's original email or leaving a comment on this blog.
Clay Moseley
SWNSC Chairman