Monday, October 13, 2014

Fall Trailwork!

Hi everyone,

fixing the light in the machine shed
I've had a lot of folks ask me to send out a message for the fall trail work stuff at the Canada Bonita trails (XC ski trails).  If you've been up there lately, you're probably aware that there are a lot of trees down and a real mess of locust and aspen shoots growing in the trails.

Heading out with the chainsaw.
I got a start on cutting downed trees, which started almost right away due to the winds.  The front hill had a mess just in the first few hundred meters.  I started bucking the logs too, but realized it would be better to just dice them up and get more help moving them off, so a lot of what I cut is still lying in the trail waiting for people to move them.

We'll be up there both Saturday and Sunday to cut everything up, but we could use help with bucking the logs and doing some smaller saw work on the smaller nuisance trees and limbs (anyone have smaller saws?).

We also have a couple of gas-powered brush cutters that we can use to cut the brush at the edges of the trails, so that we can use the bigger "trail cutter" machine we have to cut the nasty stuff in the middle part of the trail.  We have to do this from bottom to top, not just the burn area.  However, if we can get help just for the burn area of the trails, that would be huge.

the kids didnt make it much past the trailhead 
All volunteer work gets counted toward our "Volunteer Cost-Share Challenge Agreement" with the Forest Service.  That means that everyone's hours count toward the matching funds we get from the Feds to pay for those trail projects all over the County, like the reconstruction of Guaje Ridge, the Pajarito Canyon trail construction, etc.  So, it's win-win situation!

We have other trail projects (real construction stuff too) if we have enough folks who want to come up.  Let me know! --Clay 
PS more photos from Sunday below, lots of wind, some snow and very pretty leaves.

sky from the shed
putting sticks ON to the trail...instead of off.


pretty leaves!

tried to show that it was snowing pretty good...but you can't tell here