Sunday, January 28, 2007

Test email

I emailed this to the blog for a post

Moonlight Ski & Snowshoe Saturday February 3

We will be having a full moon ski and snowshoe pot-luck Saturday
February 3 on the Pajarito Trail system. We will have a fire on the
upper trails and carry your food and beverage offerings, along with
any blankets or other items you may desire. Meet at the trail head at
5:30 to load the machines then strap on the skis or snowshoes to the
fire. So everyone doesn't just bring lutefisk please RSVP your
offerings. Stay tuned for more details.

Current Potluck Offerings:
Stephanie Hagelberg: Minnesota Chili
Jessica Kisiel: Green Chili Stew

Ski conditions


Dave W. regroomed the trails last night for both skating and classic.

Conditions are hard pack snow.

Evening Ski, Jan 30

JAN 30 - EVENING SKI ( both skate and classic)
Starting next Tuesday night (Jan. 30), the SWNSC will hold an evening ski
on our Pajarito Mtn. trail system. We will meet at the end of the ski hill
parking lot at 5:30pm. Bring along a head lamp as we will be skiing in the
dark. We will plan to ski the upper trails to the meadow and return on the
lower meadow trail (about 1 to 1.25 hours round trip - plenty of short-cut
options if you desire something shorter). The objective here is to hold an
activity to encourage and promote nordic skiing, sort of a parallel to the
Tuff Riders' Tue night Mtn Bike Rides. We will ski at a slow pace - this
is a sociable event, NOT A RACE. If things go over well, we will make it a
weekly event. Tell your friends.