Friday, January 29, 2016

Sandia Peak Friday grooming

Fredrik groomed classic on UNM upper loop, service road and 10k trail system. On Friday, Chris will screen the lower trail preserving as much classic track as possible. Monday or Tuesday, depending on when the snowstorm comes through, the trails will be groomed again. Happy weekend!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

sandia peak grooming

Trails groomed including "upper loop" above service rd.  Everything in great shape.

Monday, January 25, 2016

SWNSKI Trails groomed 1/25/2015

New grooming hand John Davey and I got up to the trails this evening and got a nice jump on the storm (great timing) with some new grooming. What a nice little storm to freshen things up nicely. Go ski!

Sandia Peak More grooming!

Chris quoted:  "I groomed today(monday), same as last thursday. classic all around ...and then pulled the screen over for skating and took the classic track out on corners and narrow parts of the trail. next groom thursday or friday this week. go have fun. 14 degrees this morning up there at 9am. no inversion. oh, yeah, gotta add the trail comes counterclockwise out of the northern woods i stayed to the left instead of taking the long slanted route up to the top of the meadow. i instead went south to where there is a bank turn that will connect half way up the slant route. watch for it."

Friday, January 22, 2016

NM Cup Flier and Release Forms are Posted!

See the Google Drive location for the NM Cup Flier and Release Form!

NM Cup Flier and Release Form

Also, we have the first pass of our new [working] version of the club website:

Check it out!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Sandia Peak Latest report (21 Jan)

Chris reports:"
set classic track on service road and over new trails below service road.   afterwards screened lower trails for skating and wiped out classic track in tight corners and narrow sections of trail.   probably at least 70% of lower trails have classic track.   might regroom Saturday.   great conditions.
set classic track on service road and over new trails below service road.   afterwards screened lower trails for skating and wiped out classic track in tight corners and narrow sections of trail.   probably at least 70% of lower trails have classic track.   might regroom Saturday.   great conditions."

New Mexico Cup / Low O2 Challenge Weekend - January 30-31

We REALLY apologize about the lack of information for the New Mexico Cup race weekend.

The events are most certainly ON for the two days.  And, the conditions at Enchanted Forest are AWESOME!

It's quite simple: Saturday = 5km and 10km CLASSIC races start at 10am, registration from 9am to 9:45am - don't be late! (kids events, 1-3km will follow)

Sunday = 5km and 15km skate races, starting at 10am, registration from 9am to 9:45am - don't be late!  (kids events, 1-3km will follow)

The weekend also includes the Low O2 Challenge snowshoe races (inquire with EF about details on that).  I think the race is officially on Sunday...???

All xc ski races are $5 (kids are FREE!), but TRAIL PASSES MUST BE PURCHASED, plus normal rental fees, etc.

I'll try to get some forms up to the EF folks to have on hand the days prior to the races, if you want to pre-register.

Great grooming and fun courses await.  Bring the kiddos!  See you there...

Los Alamos Trails Regroomed Wed and Thursday evening

There was actually a little bit of new snow with that wind-bag storm.  There was also a lot of tree debris and even a couple of trees that came down.

We went up and cleaned up most of that, bladed out the drifts as best as possible, and even ran the "harrow" to grind and rake up the tree trash.  Lots of pre-work just to get to an actual grooming job!

Still working on some new things to keep the shop running, as well as our new equipment.  New changes and improvements come with a learning curve.

Skiing should be pretty nice this weekend.  It's supposed to be warm both Friday and Saturday, so keep that in mind in planning your ski outings and any associated waxing...

Thanks for all of your support!  

Info on fees/access for skiing/snowshoeing in Valles Caldera and Bandelier trail heads.

Everything you need to know on fees and correct access/use of Valles Caldera (and Bandelier trails) for xc skiing and snowshoeing courtesy of VC Park Ranger Mike Frederick: 

* The $20 fee is a vehicle pass that is good for seven days. For example, if they purchase the pass on Monday, it is valid through the following Sunday. The preserve is open every day, seven days a week, 9 AM to 5 PM, weather permitting. If the preserve gate is locked, visitors with passes (7-day, Senior, Annual, Access, etc) can still access the ski areas from Highway 4 by parking in one of the pullouts. Please be aware that often the state doesn't plow some of the pullouts so parking can be hazardous. Please ask them to park well off the road and not to block any access gates. This includes the entrance to the Banco Bonito Staging Area on the west side of the preserve.

* Visitors should have a pass of some type (see above) to ski anywhere within the preserve.

* Visitors accessing the preserve from any location (Pajarito, etc) should also have a pass. 

* Visitors who ski or snowshoe into the preserve and want to use the groomed trails must check in at the visitor center. The fee is $10 per individual. If it's a party of one, they save $10 if they haven't driven in. Parties of two pay the same as if they'd driven in. Parties of three or more would benefit from driving in, of course, since they'd pay $20 instead of $10 apiece.

* Visitors skiing in from Pajarito to the VC would pay $10 per person unless they have a pass. Most of the ski club members I've met do have passes, mostly Senior or Annual. Vehicles that drive in to pick them up wouldn't have to pay. We don't charge a fee unless the visitor is recreating - skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, bike riding, fishing, etc. Visitors who drive to the VC to look around and take photos aren't charged.

* Unfortunately, we don't have a printed map or one on the website that is up to date on groomed trails. The conditions change very frequently based on weather and use. Our groomer aims to have up to 30 miles of trails groomed but often it's no more than five to seven. Last week, for example, he had to freshen up a number of trails since high winds and drifting snow had obscure much of what he'd done the previous day. The situation is very fluid and we don't know from one day to the next as to what the conditions will be. It's best to call the  VC for up-to-date information (505-670-1612).

* Groomed trails are mostly for skate skiing. When he can, the groomer adds classic track. That is usually the 1.5 mile La Jara Trail (the hill behind the VC) and the 1.8 mile History Grove Trail. 

Contrary to popular belief, Bandelier's trailheads and access points are NOT free. Visitors who use the trails and access the monument anywhere from Highway 4 are supposed to have a pass or pay the seven-day fee. While not scrupulously monitored, law enforcement rangers have been known to issue warnings or tickets to vehicles parked at Bandelier trail heads that aren't displaying passes. 

I hope I've answered all of your questions. Thanks for your assistance with getting the information out about the Valles Caldera. I know there's a lot of confusion now with the transition and what the do's 

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sandia Peak Groomed again

Trails groomed again today with classic tracks on service rd.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Sandia Peak facebook site

Go see the new facebook site for the Sandia nordic system:

Friday, January 15, 2016

Sandia Peak Grooming Friday/ Jan 15

Downhill area did great job grooming service road very wide.   chris ran screen over lower trails and then set two classic tracks on service road.  chris will regroom Saturday 11am.
Also Chris said the downhill  area groomed;  the area near the shed to within a foot for us! Let them know we appreciate it.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Sandia Peak Trails groomed again for skating.

The new trail system was regroomed today (Chris said best yet) for skating.  Next groom is set for Friday with classic tracks on the service rd.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Sandia Peak More grooming

Chris reports: "
lower trail system was groomed out Saturday morning (3 hours).  its beautiful.  everyone should get up there and ski it sunday.  chris is going to regroom sunday at 11am and will do the service road if downhill area doesn't.   no classic track.  
greg brought up that we should rename the 10k loop since everything is 10k in that area.   my entry into the name contest is ASPEN VISTA TRAIL. since its in the aspens and there is such a great view of the northern territory.
Tuesday chris and rich are going up to groom, shovel and transport gas up.   "

Chris reports a low hanging power line on the service rd.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Sandia Peak Latest grooming

First  another 11" fell last 24 hours.  Chris said he packed the trails about 10-12 feet wide except for service rd and a few narrow spots on the trails.  Tomorrow he plans to groom the whole system for skating and possibly set a diagonal track on the service rd. Hopefully Sandia peak will groom the road with their snow cat tonite or Friday nite.

Jan 8:  Chris groomed the trails 8-10 feet wide.  Sandia Peak ski area groomed the service rd last nite.
" the entire trail system below the service road was packed out today and the groomer attachment was dragged twice over for a width of 8 to 10 feet.   again there are a couple bottlenecks where the trail is just five feet wide.    it took over three hours which included getting the sled stuck.  unstucking was a 45 minute ordeal.   no classic track.  service road had been groomed last night but has two or three inches of new snow on it.   when I left at 4 it looked like it was done snowing.   no more grooming until Monday or Tuesday.  "

Wanted, SOUTHWEST NORDIC SKI Club Members!!!

Thanks to everyone who has registered to be a Southwest Nordic Ski Club member.  Your membership is more than just a donation, it's also part of a movement that helps us acquire resources for trail development and maintenance programs (not just winter ski season, and not just the Nordic trails).  It's also an influential political body as well.

This year, we've done a lot of trail work, acquired a new groomer that does SO much better than what we had before (and keeps us old guy groomers from wearing out our backs so much), maintained a lot of high-mileage equipment, etc., etc.  We've also developed a quickly-burgeoning kids outside fitness and ski program (all-season club activities).  Check the pictures on FB.
Wednesday afternoon SWNSC Kids practice at the Los Alamos golf course!

But, we need memberships and involvement, so please be sure to become a member (no other commitment required!).  It is tax-deductible.

Jump drills for the kids ski practice at the Los Alamos golf course
If you're up for helping with the kids ski program, please contact:

Resolution Race 2016! This Saturday at the end of the Pajarito Mountain Parking lot

Time to wax up the skis and don the lycra suit (if you can still fit in it after the holidays). Conditions are fantastic and we'll have the course groomed out nicely for our little club training race.

We'll start right at the end of the parking lot this year, and will have two distances for adults (about 15 km and 10 km), and several short distances for the kids. We'll also do a few technique exercises after the event to add some teaching to the day.  

Adults will start (promptly) at 10am, and we'll run the kids events at noon.

The downhill area will be open, so keep that in mind for parking and timing to get signed up and warmed up, etc.
It'll be fun and beautifully groomed!

Hope to see many of you there!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

More grooming (classic)

Today (Jan 3) Fredrik set classic tracks on the entire trails system as displayed in the map in the previous post (Jan1).   
Also from Chris Norton an announcement: "
organizing final week of shoveling for sandia trails.    930 to 12 on Wednesday and 930am to 3pm on Thursday.   please bring your own shovel but if you need one contact  
the idea is to get it all 12 feet wide and level this week so we can lay our shovels down for the season and get to skiing some great trails. we are pretty much 90% there today.  just need to finish it off.  "

Friday, January 1, 2016

Unofficial map of groomed trails (temporary status this year)

The groomed sections are in light blue.  Black hash marks are cutoffs where actual groomed trails this year (so far) are somewhat shortened due to problems packing and grooming. Updates on the grooming status will be provided once the grooming has been done.
Today Chris Norton shoveled and packed the first couple of switchbacks going down from the service rd.
Ski the trails with caution until you become more familiar and until they are groomed for faster skiing (especially on the downhill sections).