Thursday, January 7, 2016

Wanted, SOUTHWEST NORDIC SKI Club Members!!!

Thanks to everyone who has registered to be a Southwest Nordic Ski Club member.  Your membership is more than just a donation, it's also part of a movement that helps us acquire resources for trail development and maintenance programs (not just winter ski season, and not just the Nordic trails).  It's also an influential political body as well.

This year, we've done a lot of trail work, acquired a new groomer that does SO much better than what we had before (and keeps us old guy groomers from wearing out our backs so much), maintained a lot of high-mileage equipment, etc., etc.  We've also developed a quickly-burgeoning kids outside fitness and ski program (all-season club activities).  Check the pictures on FB.
Wednesday afternoon SWNSC Kids practice at the Los Alamos golf course!

But, we need memberships and involvement, so please be sure to become a member (no other commitment required!).  It is tax-deductible.

Jump drills for the kids ski practice at the Los Alamos golf course
If you're up for helping with the kids ski program, please contact:

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