Thursday, January 7, 2016

Sandia Peak Latest grooming

First  another 11" fell last 24 hours.  Chris said he packed the trails about 10-12 feet wide except for service rd and a few narrow spots on the trails.  Tomorrow he plans to groom the whole system for skating and possibly set a diagonal track on the service rd. Hopefully Sandia peak will groom the road with their snow cat tonite or Friday nite.

Jan 8:  Chris groomed the trails 8-10 feet wide.  Sandia Peak ski area groomed the service rd last nite.
" the entire trail system below the service road was packed out today and the groomer attachment was dragged twice over for a width of 8 to 10 feet.   again there are a couple bottlenecks where the trail is just five feet wide.    it took over three hours which included getting the sled stuck.  unstucking was a 45 minute ordeal.   no classic track.  service road had been groomed last night but has two or three inches of new snow on it.   when I left at 4 it looked like it was done snowing.   no more grooming until Monday or Tuesday.  "

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