Monday, March 13, 2017

That's a Wrap (for winter 2016-17)

Well, the fat lady has finished her warm-up and is in a crescendo for the final aria of the season.

Despite (fairly accurate) predictions for a warmer and drier winter, we ended up having a halfway decent season.  It was very warm, but we got lucky with some of those storms that bulged far enough south and circled around enough to give us some very-much-needed snow.

Unfortunately, it was also warm pretty much all winter...and FAR TOO WINDY!  As such, it was always a challenge to stay on top of the grooming and tree clearing, then it would get too sunny and warm...and repeat.  What a challenge.

All in all, we did manage to get some good days of skiing, and as we speak, the upper meadow and portions of the upper tree trails are still quite skiable with some nice stretches.  But, there are now some open, bare patches that are growing by the day.  So, we're pulling the plug on any more grooming.  Also, lots of trees came down last week, so that is a mess still.  The lower road is still blocked by some of the carnage:

Some big trees came down across the front hill on March 6 

This one, just above Pt-J made a huge mess

So much carnage, that there became hardly anywhere to put the messes

Lots of work had to be done after work hours.  In March, that means that there is still some evening light...not the case in November, December, and January...
Thanks to all of you who helped in some way this year.  It's a huge effort, but we have great members and now, a lot of kids who are progressing and learning to be lifetime skiers and good citizens.