Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tree Planting Project is a GO for tomorrow and Saturday (April 12, 13)

From Clay:

I just spoke to Lynn Bjorklund of the Espanola Ranger District (SFNF), and she said that the big tree planting project up at Canada Bonita is definitely a "GO" for tomorrow (Friday) and Saturday.  They are planning on getting started at 9:00 AM both days.  

However, because of the snow, there are some issues with scheduling with one of the contractors working on forest rehab projects, so next week's scheduled days have to be postponed until the following weekend (Apr. 27, 28).

As a side:  we still have all of the shade fencing hanging, so it needs to be removed, rolled up, and stored away for the summer.  We can work on it a bit this weekend and throughout next week, or whenever we can get to it.  Last year, we had a good crew and lots of hands sure made it a lot quicker work.  The 3 or 4 years prior to that were rough with only a couple of folks out plus whatever kids I could wrangle into helping me on week nights.  

The fencing is probably our biggest job task all year, and is crucial to the whole operation.  Please consider setting aside some time to help us take it down and store it away. 

If you do make it out to the planting project, please wear sturdy clothes, footwear, gloves, sunglasses, etc.  Also bring water and snacks.  Same goes for the fence take-down work.  Since the fencing is strung up with plastic zip ties, I bring up little wire snips and or needle-nose pliers to snap them off and then I put them into a plastic shopping bag for disposal.  A Leatherman works well too.

Hope to see you all out for some spring projects!