Thursday, April 8, 2010

Club news from Dina

Hi everyone,

Unfortunately, we found that our 501c3 application has not been processed yet.
In fact they said they are still processing applications that were recieved 3
months before ours. In view of that fact, we've decided to wait until the fall
to run a fundraising effort with the expectation that we should hopefully have
our 501c3 status by end of summer.
You are welcome to contribute any time and we thank the many of you who have
been so generous this winter - it is what's been paying the monthly payments for
the snowmo and keeping other expenses taken care of! But we think a lot of
people will be able to contribute a significantly larger amount once we have
501c3 status, plus by the fall hopefully more people will be back to thinking
about snow and skiing :)
Dont forget that we still need to have a trail work day to put away snow fencing
etc. We are hoping to do this on the weekend of April 17-18 weather/snow
permitting. So watch for emails on the final dates and time (or check out our
facebook page for
updates \
Thanks for your patience and support!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

A bit more grooming

FYI, In conjunction with some other trail work the skating lane on the woods trails was regroomed this morning...