Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Trail Grooming Photos 2/28/2015

Very nice storm!  But, some weird weather did follow it.  Fortunately, we only got snow on the trails and it should hold up pretty well until the end of March, barring any weird tropical anomalies.  Saturday was just beautiful classic skiing.  Sunday was nice too, but a bit wet and sloppy.  It was a good time to play around with different skis and klister.  I have a pair of "Zero" skis that have hardly ever been used, but they worked great in those wet snow conditions on Sunday. 

Anyway, enjoy these pictures of our Saturday morning "re-groom" job.  We had actually groomed the night before too, but it was still snowing heavily and we ended up with at least 10" more overnight. 

(click to make the pictures bigger) 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

NMCup xc ski races and fun events Sat-Sun March 7-8th.

This coming weekend (Sat-Sun March 7-8th) our Southwest Nordic club and Enchanted Forest will hold NM Cup XC Ski races at Enchanted Forest XC Ski and Snowshoe Area!! Info is below. The list of events this year include a pace race relay, great for newbies and mixed ability participants! Come up if 
you can, should be a lot of fun!! Race courses will be groomed especially for these events.
Never been to EFXC? Here is a first-timer info post we have on it including driving and rentals info: click here.
Don't want/aren't ready to race? Just come up to check EFXC and the events out and see how much fun it is (and see that anyone can race, even those learning how to walk often race :). Kids will have others to play with after and before events, it should make for a very fun weekend! Still not comfortable? Take a private or group lesson from EFXC's knowledgeable staff! Call ahead about lesson times.

Registration is day of each event at the EFXC base lodge. 
8:45-9:15am for adult races and until 11am for kids races and relays 
You will sign a waiver and get a race number. If participating both days please save your number to use it both days.
COST: each participant will need to buy an EFXC day trail pass for each day they are racing. Races are free with purchase of trail pass.

Althea racing with her grandpa
List of events!!!!!!!!!!!!
Saturday March 7th
--5/10k classic races (individual/time trial start, 30sec apart), 
--0.25/0.5k  kids races (flat, 1/2 laps around the base area), 
--3k kids race using blue and green trails (out Powder Puff back on March Hare loop, has hills and downhills)
--Pace Race relays: 2 people per team. Guesstimate your time and the winner is the team whose total time is closest to their own guesstimate. Length of each leg will vary from 0.25-1km based on each participant's ability. All loops are around base area. Great for cheering each other on and a fun way to mix participants of all abilities together! If you have an odd number of interested folks, we will find you a pair just before the race :)

Sunday March 8th
--7.5k/15k skate races
--0.25/0.5k  kids races (flat, 1/2 laps around the base area)*
--3k kids race using blue and green trails (out Powder Puff back on March Hare loop, has hills and downhills)*
*kids who know how to skate are encouraged to skate in the Sunday races, but classic will be fine as well for kids races.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

2/28/2015 Los Alamos Nordic Trail Report

We got up on the trails last night and rolled the trails, followed by some passes with the 4' Tidd, plus an optimistic pass with the classic track setter.  It was snowing pretty hard at times, so we knew it may be gone by morning.  But, with that much new snow, it gets hard to groom through anything, so we've had to stay on it so that we don't get stuck, at least more than we did anyway.

Jim Fredrickson got back up this morning to start running the rollers again, so we're keeping it packed through the new layers of snow.  It's a process, for sure.

So, please be patient and just enjoy some classic touring.  If there is a break, I'll go run the classic track setter for a better classic skiing experience.  There just won't be any skating until the storm lets up (sorry).  Hopefully, we can get the whole thing groomed out for this next week.

Sorry I don't have any pictures.  It was wet and cold last evening and my phone quit working.

Friday, February 27, 2015

New snow

Sandia peak has received several new inches of snow in past 36 hours.  Hopefully service road gets packed by downhill area tonite or tomorrow nite.  Downhill area only open on weekends now.


2/27/2014: New Snow on the Los Alamos XC Ski Trails!

Well, looks like this late-winter blast will provide some more nice skiing for a little while.  It's been tough for me to make it up there to keep up with every little storm that has come through lately, so there have obviously been some gaps in trail maintenance.  I think the last "grooming" was the quick packing job I did two weeks ago: (  

These last few little doses have been pretty nice, but those few segments that got burnt out during our heatwave kept melting back down, despite the additions to the good snow pack in other areas.  It's weird.

Anyway, it has finally snowed enough that I got some volunteer support, including a potential new groomer!  (yay, and whew!).  So, we'll plan on heading up to pack things down this evening, plus maybe get in some groomed classic track for the weekend, depending on how much snow we receive.

Most certainly, I would not count on skating this weekend.  We'll pack and get a "best line" classic track set that follows the path of most snow on the trails.  

PLEASE, do not skate over the groomed classic tracks!

I'll report back this evening when we're done.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

New snow, skiing

Sandia peak received  few new inches (0-6" depending on where) of snow last few days.  The service rd, upper unm loop are good for classic, and the access rd to 10K and 10 k loops are reported by Chris N to have good skiing.  I have asked Steve G to groom service rd with snow cat Friday nite so maybe it will happen.  Fredrik is grooming next on March 2.  Still could use some shovelers up there for different sections (i.e. mostly upper loop, access rd and parts of 10K loop).   Active weather pattern predicted for awhile so maybe can look forward to a few more weeks at least.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Sandia peak new snow

Sandia peak got a couple inches (tops) new snow yesterday/last night.  Classic track filled in with nice fresh powder on service rd and upper loop good also for classic.  Looked like skating on the road would have been good.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Grooming update

Snow was very hard on  the service rd today still. Fredrik groomed it and it helped a little. Tracks still intact but quite icy.  Chris says good skating below but little or no classic tracks.  Did not check the upper loop since I figured it was pretty icy in shade.  Both skating and classic should be better next couple of days when it warms up.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

More grooming

Service rd groomed very well by downhill snow cat preserving entire length of classic track on nw side; walked in (why when they have 8 to 10 feet perfectly level an hard surface??) from quarry almost to gate (they gave up walking over  there eventually). Access road was walked in alongside the track mostly as well as most of bunny hill (now that one I understand!); bunny hill still pretty powdery amazingly enough.  I skied a small part of 10K loop but fast icy conditions in track and also in skate part dissuaded me from attempting the down hills and it's in very good shape. Would be nice to show our gratitude to the guy that drove the snow cat; he did a great job at preserving the classic track! 

Friday, February 13, 2015


I know Fredrik set classic tracks today on the upper unm loop, the service road,  and it appeared down below to 10K but I did not ski below the service road (tracks there and upper loop so good).
No grooming for skating where I skied but perhaps below (someone please comment).

late edition (Feb 14): Steve Gallegos said they (downhill area) .will groom the road tonite .
I requested they try wherever possible to leave a classic track.  Hope this works out well.

Steve's (Roholt) photos:  (referred to in 2nd comment)

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

New snow

According to the Sandia peak ski area website there is about 8" new snow on top.   Fredrik is suppose to set track Friday. I will try to get the service road groomed by the alpine area before that.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Grooming update

Fredrik tried to groom but snow too hard and had problems with the machine.  He will set trcks on Friday.

Monday, February 9, 2015


Fredrik said will set tracks Tuesday (10th). 

Friday, February 6, 2015

Sandia peak skiing

Service rd was groomed very wide by downhill snow cat.  Looked like awesome skating. Classic tracks in wood still ok to excellent.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Groomiing update

Classic skiing is very good on the service road, the upper loop and access road.  Not sure about the 10K loop since I didn't ski it and haven't any reports.  Skating may be good below service road (access road looked good in spots for skating) but service road is very chewed up (other than tracks) due to heavy pedestrian traffic.  Upper loop is not groomed for skating, just classic.    

Canada Bonita Trail Report 2/4/2015

Trails were regroomed (no new classic track set) yesterday.  Everything still looks pretty good (relatively, anyway...), but the usual thin spots are already showing degradation.  The front access hill is of course, the worst with a big bare spot.  It just never built up a base this year, so it's a storm-to-storm skiable situation.

We'll probably hold off on any new grooming until the next storm, or sometime early next week, so get it while it's good.

Big thanks to Hans for getting the job done yesterday!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Fredrik groomed and set track on everything today.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Sandia Peak skiing

Sandia peak received several to 10 inches new snow.  Service road was groomed by downhill last nite and perhaps will again tonite.  Very good diagonal with poling on the road; also possible to skate.  Tremendous amount of pedestrian (mostly snowboarders) damage, especially north from just below gravel pit where they have established a snowboard park it seems.  Lots of new snow on trails.  Anyone want to help pack/shovel for Fredrik's  next grooming on Tuesday?


Friday, January 30, 2015

Trail Report for Friday Evening, January 30, 2015

Some really good snow out there today.  Lots of moisture in it and there's between 8" to 10"!  That really saved the situation after last week's tropical temperatures.  Thankfully, we did a good job with the last storm, so it preserved a decent base under there, with the exception of a few little spots.

Anyway, thanks to John and Hans for getting up there and packing and blading things down.  We'll go back up tomorrow to finish the job during the day, probably once early, then later to get it all done and get whatever snow falls during the day.  Hopefully, it'll all be done by Sunday morning for skate and classic.

Should be good touring skiing in the morning, with no classic track (and certainly some new snow), but there will be a track set in the evening.  It will be packed under the new snow, so it shouldn't be such a trudge around the system.

We'll update things as we get more done.

Thanks to those of you who did send in your memberships.  We needed it!!!

Hope we just keep getting snow tonight!!!

FREE entries to nordic events in the Pagosa WinterFest Feb 14-15th.

Happy Snow day!!!
We have a limited number of free entries to give out courtesy of our neighbors in Pagosa Springs, CO, Pagosa Nordic Club. They have a set of very fun events suited for any ability over President's day weekend. 
Best part: 
- plenty of xc ski rentals for kids or adults available in Pagosa. 
- Hot springs are killler (this one is our fave esp with kids: - you dont have to stay there to use the hot springs).
- organizers and volunteers are great folks!
- can't promise this, but in the years past they always had a large amount of swag from local shops to give away, so everyone got something rather than just a winner :)
Sat Feb 14th: Red Ryder BB Gun Biathlon. That's alternating shooting targets and skiing laps, total ski distances (all laps added in) are 'kid' km, 6km, 12km (with 3 opportunities to shoot targets between laps). I'm pretty sure from past years that 'kid' k means whatever distance the particular kid is up for :) They are very flexible and beginner friendly adjusting events for participants on the spot!
Possibly relays and sprints as well.
They are so much fun especially for groups/families with all different abilities!

Sunday Feb 15th: 30k/60k races (or hot springs for the rest of us :). Not something to do 'off-the-couch' but gorgeous, fun and not as hard as some races of that distance!