Thursday, January 21, 2016

Los Alamos Trails Regroomed Wed and Thursday evening

There was actually a little bit of new snow with that wind-bag storm.  There was also a lot of tree debris and even a couple of trees that came down.

We went up and cleaned up most of that, bladed out the drifts as best as possible, and even ran the "harrow" to grind and rake up the tree trash.  Lots of pre-work just to get to an actual grooming job!

Still working on some new things to keep the shop running, as well as our new equipment.  New changes and improvements come with a learning curve.

Skiing should be pretty nice this weekend.  It's supposed to be warm both Friday and Saturday, so keep that in mind in planning your ski outings and any associated waxing...

Thanks for all of your support!  

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