Monday, February 4, 2008

Hot Damn Snow City

Tons and tons of new snow since sunday. Maybe 9 inches in town and well over a foot up yonder on the trails? Intrepid groomers are doing the best they can given the conditions. The meadow is well drifted and banked in, so those who know say.

Remember when we get heavy snow you, yes you, can help. Here are some tips from tom berg:
We could use some help dealing with the Meadow portions of the trail which are blown in and seriously deep in snow. It would be great if some of you who use touring skiis [as opposed to super skinny racing skiis] would ski up through the woods trails to the top of the network, and then ski back down the meadow trail [s], following the wands, to break trail so that the groomers can get their machines thru to groom.

There you go, get your ski on and help pack in the meadow. This goes for backcountry skis and snowshoes too. Just go and ski the meadow where the wands are and maybe soon we can reclaim the meadow from pesky nature. Also, if you notice any trail is drifted or getting U shaped, ski the high part to help pack it down. Ski AND help groom. Win win!

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