Thursday, February 28, 2008

Conditions 2/28/08

Skied at noon today. The two feet of new snow from last week plus all the grooming area making for fantastic conditions. Ken did a superb job on the whole system with skate and classic grooming on Monday which was holding up well and was nicely refreshed by someone (John B?) last night. The skiing is just great up there!
AND the warm dry conditions in town are fooling everyone into staying in town and resulting in low ski crowds! :) Go up and enjoy!
By the way, I was actually up there to meet with Karen Hill of the downhill ski club who is doing a lot of great things that will promote backcountry and nordic skiing in our area. Specifically today she was up there to take pictures of the farthest part of the meadow that extends into the Valles Caldera land. Karen is going to propose a gate in the fence and the long coveted permission for us to groom and ski that part!! Here is a picture of her taking pictures:

and here is the current turn around - if Karen succeeds we will be able to groom farther left over the Valles fence for a few more kms of nice flattish terrain that is protected from the wind!

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