Sunday, February 17, 2008

Great Ski Day! Training TT #2 results

Charlie's Angels warming up

Chilly conditions on the trails today. Our timer, Dina was happy we started and finished at sunny Point A. Trails were groomed out nicely and were very fast, except for the occasional tree debris. At one point I was getting a little cocky and thinking I was skiing so well and then suddenly stepped on a stick or a piece of bark and found myself on the ground in an instant. Otherwise, the course was very nice to ski and we all had a blast.

Here are the results, in no particular order =)

Clay M. 22:11
Gene D. 24:26
Tarik S. 27:37
Paul G. 30:03
John U. 48:34

Poor John Ullman decided to classic the event on a new pair of classic skis. The kick zone hadn't yet been prep'ed and he lost virtually all of his klister! He ended up having to skate quite a bit by the end. It was "freestyle," after all.

Dina took some pictures. Don't we all look super fast in the fancy club gear?
Clay starting at point A -- minute later, Gene doing the same

Tarik Saleh at the start -- Clay on the finish hill at point A

Gene Dougherty at the finish -- Paul Graham at the finish

John Ullman overcomes no kick! -- Tarik Saleh (very fast today...)


Our beautiful timer Dina, at the Valle Grande fence

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