Monday, February 11, 2008

Grooming/Conditions Report 2/11/08

The trail system has been regroomed for classic and skate for the week, except for the outer meadow trail, which has been drifted over and wind-cupped.

It may be best to ski in the morning or afternoon/evening, as the warm days may cause some mushy conditions in places. It may also help with keeping things from getting destroyed.

Waxing will be easier in morning/evening skiing too. Blue klister mixed with the current temperature hard wax mixed in will provide great kick. Mid-day conditions will be tough to figure out, as things change so much from bottom to top, sunny to shade. Waxless would be a good compromise.

I apologize in advance here, but I have a little gripe:
Last evening while grooming, some people on foot and snowshoes got onto the upper trails and were walking right over the freshly groomed trail. They knew they shouldn't have been there and would hide each time I went by. I had to make a whole extra pass to attempt to clean up the mess they made in those soft-to-refrozen conditions in which the snowshoe digs at least a 4" deep divot and people on foot push in a very deep hole that freezes solid. It was a mess.

Please respect the request to not walk, nor snowshoe on the upper trails. Many, many people enjoy the cross-country skiing on the Pajarito/Canada Bonita trails and especially the nicely groomed conditions that provide fun and safe skiing. It's a lot of work by volunteers and just a single person can do a lot of damage. It's especially evident with the sunny, warmer conditions.

If you see someone doing this, please ask them politely to make their way to the multi-use trails, where all of those activities are allowed.

The groomers thank you.

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