Saturday, February 16, 2008

Fun TT info, and grooming report 2/16/08

We'll meet tomrrow just before 9am for the training time trial. This time, it'll start at point A, go around the loop to the top and back down to point A. We'll be done quite quickly. The course is in good shape for it both classic and skate.

I got up to the trails at the crack of 11:00am with plans to groom at least a new classic track and ran into John Ullman, who had gotten up there earlier and ran a pass on the upper trails to the top and back down. Thanks for doing that looked like the skating lane was nice. It had snowed a teeny, tiny amount, so it made the snow look a little cleaner anyway.

I did get a good classic track set on the lower road into the meadow, but the drifts and wind cups kept me from getting it all the way up continuously. I had to pull out and restart it further up. It set nicely in the trees. Temps were a little cooler and rapidly dropping later, so it set up pretty well. When I left at dark, the wind was really whipping, so the meadow classic tracks will be filled in.

I saw that the meadow trails and lower road REALLY needed grooming (and removal of piles and piles of dog poop...>=( , especially for the training TT tomorrow. So, before dark, I went back out and groomed the lower road and meadows with many passes to break things up and fix the walker/dog damage. I also got the rest of the trails too, so conditions should be awesome on the whole trail system tomrrow.

A few other items:
1. the fencing needs some repair. I've put in some poles, shoveled it out and propped it up where I can, but it needs some attention with twine and more poles if possible. The front hill is about to burn out due to the bad fencing and some of the trash. I shoveled two spots and cleaned it up, but it is about to go.

2. we're getting a lot of walkers and dogs on the upper trails. Not sure what's going on, but if you see them, please let them know that the lower road and meadow is designated for the multi-use. It's a mess to clean up after them.

3. we probably need some signs telling people to clean up after their dogs. It was horrible out there today...pretty disgusting (what are they feeding these dogs?)

4. I don't think people know that it's a County ordinance to keep dogs on a leash. It's not a problem most of the time, but there were some pretty bad dogs today and I saw two crashes due to the dogs.

5. I have a lot of gas cans in front of my garage. There's really no gas up there now, and both Kermit and Cosmo need gas.

6. Someone left the hand warmers on on Cosmo again. It really killed the battery and I am not sure it will recover, and it's brand new. It did have enough juice to start by the end of the session, but it may not hold a charge long. More on that later...

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