Monday, February 25, 2008

Conditions 2/25/08

It has snowed off and on over the past several days up at the trails, with warmer temps. Some of us went up yesterday to find a lot of new, heavy, wet snow that hadn't been touched by a groomer. So, Ken Kisiel pulled out a machine and the Tidd and went over about 2km. It was snowing by the time we all left and Denny Newell headed out with a drag to knock some of the heavy snow down. He got a little stuck in the meadow in white-out conditions, so it was going to need some more work.

It snowed a lot more overnight; we don't know how much just yet. The wind also blew, so it'll be interesting up there. No word on any new grooming at this time, so I'll wait until I hear something before posting again.

Until then, break out the back-country touring skis and sense of adventure and go enjoy the new snow.

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