Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"Uphill / Downhill" race at Pajarito's Skiesta

Rumor has it that the Skiesta will have an "uphill/downhill" race that will circumnavigate Pajarito Mountain. Skiesta is March 15.

If this is actually true, the course will be to go up the east service road, cross over Evershine Ridge at the radio towers, head to the back side of the mountain and continue up the service roads all the way to the very top at the terminus of the Aspen lift. At that point it will head back to the front side and down to Porcupine, angle back up to the pick nick tables at the top of Pussycat, continue up to the top of the Mother lift, then down Rim Run to I Don't Care. It will then go all the way down I Don't Care to Salamander Gully, which dumps out at the bottom of the Spruce lift. At that point, it will then hit the Camp May road just above the SWNSC equipment shed and finish just before the parking lot on Camp May road.

They'll have to start it early, 8am or earlier. There will probably be a couple of feed stations near the top, one at the radio towers, and one at the pick nick tables at the top of Pussycat. Skis must be used, but any type of ski is allowed, as are skins (ski ascension devices).

More details to come later -- check the Pajarito Mountain website: At this point, it is still in the planning/approval stage, so stay tuned. This should be fun if it happens.

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