Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Grrrroooming attempt #2 Report from Denny Newell

Denny reported the following:

2/04/08 - Although another evening of grace escaped me, I only got seriously stuck once and did not slide into the ditch on the way down - so all-in-all a positive grooming experience. 12-16+ of new snow out of this latest round of storm - much more where it has drifted in the meadow areas. The main trail in the trees was packed with the roller to the intersection of the meadow and from point A to pointP on the lower road. The meadow was a scary place so Kermit was only run up to the fence just to reclaim a little trail.

Stay posted for more grooming updates as we slowly take care of this storm. Its better to have a too much snow problem rather than the alternative. If you are antsy to get out, consider snow-shoeing or backcountry skiing the meadow areas to help us reclaim the trail.

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