Thursday, December 27, 2007

Trail Report 12/27/07

I got up to the trails last evening to see for myself what the conditions were. Things were a bit rough from all of the skier, snowshoer, dog and foot traffic, so I ran the snomo with the blades on everything to freshen up the skate lane and grind up some of the considerable tree trash that always seems to be prevalent on these trails.

The classic track seemed to be in surprisingly good condition, albeit a little washed out in spots and with very wide tracks from the skier traffic. It looks like a little bit of blue klister mixed in with a hard wax would would quite well if it doesn't snow much....otherwise just a cold wax would work. They're not glazed over just yet, but quite firm.

It was snowing lightly and cold up there this morning, so we'll have to see if it amounts enough to regroom with the Tidd groomers.

In general it is still quite good in most locations. The meadow is still very bumpy and you need to use caution and keep your eyes peeled for the occasional rock or log hiding just beneath the top surface.

Thanks goes out to Paul Graham, who has tirelessly shoveled the thin spots on the early part of the trail, the bumpy spots on several other areas, and who has continued to trim troublesome branches on many areas of the trail. It is utterly amazing what a difference that has made. Thanks Paul!

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