Monday, December 10, 2007

Trail (& machine status) 12/10/07

It has snowed heavily today, both in town and up at the trails...especially up at the trails. There is a lot of new snow on top of what came down over the weekend and was groomed by Ken & Dave.

As posted by Tom B., Kermit, our trackster broke a track and we are short a machine. Luckily, we have the "new" snowmobile to cover while we get it fixed...probably by the weekend, sometime.

With that, it is going to take longer to get on top of the new snow. We'll begin packing it tomorrow with the machine, and hopefully get quite a bit of that done by tomorrow evening with the second session.

Until later in the week, expect soft conditions. I would suggest your classical touring skis until we get the Tidd over it and set a classical track and get the skate lane groomed. Either way, it's great new snow and will be great skiing!

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Anonymous said...

Any idea if there will be skating by Thursday?