Monday, December 17, 2007

Post weekend trail report (12/17/07)

Wow, what a great weekend of skiing on the SWNSC trails! Thanks to everyone who has put in so much time making things get to this point, and thanks to all of the SWNSC supporters. It really can't happen without the support.

Skiing was simply fantastic this weekend. Thanks go out to Ken Kisiel who got up early and despite having some initial machinery setbacks, got out and bladed the whole trail system multiple times to flatten out all of the wobbles that are prevalent this time of the year. It really made things nice and set up the trail for Dave Wykoff, who brought up the revamped Kermit with new tracks and did the final grooming work and set the track. All that work made the trails look completely professionally groomed by much more expensive equipment.

Also, a big thank you goes out to Paul Graham and his peeps, Carl Hagelburg and Joe Baehr, for getting out there and working on resetting the fencing (no small effort, that's for sure) and cutting out literally thousands of aspen shoots and trimming branches in places that were not only hindering skiing, but also grooming. That was awesome work and we all appreciate it. It really looks great and skis great.

And finally, Tom Berg shook off his flu and cold and came up to set up the signs. People are doing a much better job this year in being courteous and following the trail signs. Thanks Tom, and hopefully, we'll do a better job in keeping them a little more organized when we pull them off next spring.

Here are some pics of the trail work crew:

Paul Graham

Joe Baehr hard at work!
Thanks Carl

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