Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Trail Conditions 12/26/07

Word is that the snow is holding up well in the cool temperatures and things are still good. The trail hasn't been regroomed in several days, but really doesn't need it due to the unchanging status in the past few days. The classical track is a bit washed out in many locations, but is still holding and in good shape for training.

The trail system will mostly likely be regroomed for the weekend, or if it snows tomorrow. We'll hold off on regrooming it until then, to avoid unecessary wear and tear on the equipment.

The meadow trail loop was worked and flattened and a classic track was set there. Snow depth is still not covering everything out there, so be careful.

Remember, the club will be having its clinic on January 5, with perhaps a club "fun" time trial early on the 6th. Stay tuned!

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