Monday, December 3, 2007

I just returned from my evening ski on the trails. It was about what I had expected. Some areas are good for a few strides, but it is thin, at best, and non-existent in some places. I still enjoyed the good stretches a lot on my old rock skis. I knew where to watch out for the rocks and bare ground, but I don't suggest skiing until we get more snow. Most areas are primed for another storm and may be skiable with the right amount of snow, but a couple of burn-out areas exist. Here are some pics:

Looking down TJ's and where I turned around last evening with the trackster -- lots of debris

The tree mess on Dave's, the rock section needs fencing

Good stretch
Aspen shoots on upper section

The meadow is ready for more snow

Turn around at the "Baca" fence...a little rough

The most improved section of trail from this fall's work parties -- looks great, and skis much better than before!

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Tarik Saleh said...

Clay, you rock skiing blogging machine you, you are the example that the rest of us should follow!