Sunday, December 9, 2007

12/9/2007 grooming report

From Tom Berg:

The ski season has officially begun as Ken K and Dave W groomed the entire trail system this morning using Kermit and the new Rambette snomobile. Thanks gentlemen for a beautyful job of grooming.

Quite a bit of this storm fell as rain again, but about 10" did fall as snow after it cooled down up there last night.... enough for the guys to groom everything out to full width for skating.... there really wasn't enough base to put in a classic track... but the base is in great shape now for the next storm on mon/tue. And conditions are good enough that you don't need to use rock skiis anymore..... just be careful looking out for the occasional stump or rock on the front hill.... but you can ski in and out from the base, no problem.

The classic skiing was quite nice even without tracks, and the skating was good. Do try to get up and ski today or 1st thing tomorrow.

Caveat: Los Alamos County still hasn't plowed the road [maybe they don't do it till the downhill area opens?] so it's a bit tricky getting up there, but well worth the trip.

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