Monday, December 3, 2007

12/03/07 Trail Report

Ken Kisiel called me yesterday after hiking the trails and said the previous night's storm blew down a few trees, including one big green one on the front hill, which meant it fell right on the snow fencing =( So, since I had plans to go up and pack the little bit of new snow, we coordinated a late afternoon/early evening work party to go clear out the trees and then send me on up in the trackster to pack down the new snow.

We cleared out the downfall that covered the front hill and early parts of the trail from A to the "coat tree" at B, then we parted ways and he went down the cut-off to clear the lower road downfall while I used the trackster and roller to pack the trails.

I didn't know what to expect; it looked really thin and not so good early, but once I got to pt. C at the intersection at TJ's, it started to look pretty good. The early packing job and the little bit of wet (rainy mixed) snow was starting to amount to something and was setting up in the cold temps (~10*F).

I had to pick my way through the big rocks on the main trail, so that area is not so great, but Dave's Dogleg looks good. There were 5(!) trees down on Dave's, so it took a while to get it cleared out. There's saw dust and limbs all over the place on Dave's, but I ran over with the roller, so it shouldn't be a problem.

On up past Dave's, the main trail is hit and miss with good snow, and "the Rock" below pt. J REALLY needs the fencing installed. It makes a big difference. The snow from the Rock to pt. J is thin, as usual, but then past J, it is actually quite good. It all got rolled (including the meadow) with a pass up and down, so hopefully it set up nicely and will be ready for the next storm.

The last switchback had some pretty thick aspen shoots...if you go up and can spare a few minutes knocking some of those out, it would be great.

Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of the trail, but I plan on going up there tonight with my rockiest of rock touring skis to check it out. I'll try to remember my camera and post tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone who made it out this weekend for the incredibly productive work party. The effects of that snow fencing were evident last evening, as the tiny amount of snow was still there and frozen to the ground.

Think snow!


Unknown said...

I go up on the trails often and could get rid of aspen shoots on occasion. the question is, what is the technique? Just cut them at ground level or actually rip the suckers out of the ground?

Anonymous said...

I applaud the effort to pack the snow and try to build up some base but if and when we start to get some deeper snow, would it be possible to leave the new snow alone for 24 hours? I love skiing in the freshly fallen snow and last year every time I went up in newly fallen or falling snow I met kermit packing it down. The fumes and nasty surface it created really spoiled the trail for me. I want to support the club, even give for the new snow mobile etc. but the club seems only to think about producing racing conditions. If I can't ever ski fresh undisturbed snow, I won't join again or send any extra money which I have done in the past.