Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Trails groomed by the estimable Dave Wykoff

Dave Wykoff put in a big day of grooming today. He finished late this afternoon, grooming the entire trail system, with all the shortcuts and cutoffs. Conditions are amazing. Wide corduroy for skating, plus classic tracks. Today was green wax, tomorrow is forecast to be green warming up to blue by afternoon, a refreshing change after the couple weeks of warm, trashy and icy conditions we've all had to put up with.

Important Notice! Only certain portions of the front hill are skiable. I recommend that after you have skiied up to the beginning of the sunfence, that you remove your skiis and walk all the way to point A and above a ways, as well. The reverse applies for descending afterward, don't try to ski down the front hill.

It's worth the walk into the trail system, conditions from Point B (the coat tree) are just great!

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