Monday, February 21, 2011

Trail/Grooming Report 2/21/2011

The trails got about an inch of new snow, which turned them white again, at least. Looks like this will be the last week of grooming if we don't receive a significant amount of snow very soon...

I groomed everything (mostly just for classic) that is still hanging on by a thread. Lots of it looks really good, mostly the upper trails. The lower road track didn't set as well because I got in a rush. The track and snow gets better as you go up, but be very careful around the "rock" just below Point's burning out quickly.

You'll need to walk in to point B, but it's spotty for the next 200 meters thereafter, and a big tree had to be cut out, which left a big mess just over the next little hill, so be careful there too...things improve after that.

Like I said, it's best for classic, so go up and get in some striding! There are some very good stretches, so maybe pull out the old skis and go have fun! The meadows also got a nice classic track installed.

Get it while the gettin's good!

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