Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sandia Peak Update

Thought I would post a new update even though Sandia Peak didn't get any significant snow out of the last storm and no new grooming has been done since last Tuesday. The service road has a decent classic track over much of it's length which is fortunate given the amount of wind and foot traffic on parts of it. The loop in the woods Fredrik groomed a couple weeks ago is getting some ski and snowshoe traffic and I encourage more skiers to start using it on a regular basis; it is a nice wide trail (averages about an estimated 10' width). This trail, if done in a counter clockwise direction (which I recommend), start just above the gate at the north end of the service road (first right once you head up into the woods from the gate) and from there is easily followed by following the ski tracks. Hopefully next year we can have some signs posted on the trail. It has stayed cold up at Ellis trailhead so the snow has remained at powder and packed powder. Skating is possible on the service road but far from ideal given the foot traffic over parts of it and the windblown condition of the snow.

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