Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Here's Clay's 4PM post about the trail conditions

"I went up for a quick ski at about 12:30. It had snowed about 2" at the bottom, and 4" by the top of the meadow. Somewhere in-between for the rest of the trails. Actually not as cold up there as in town, so it was a nice ski, but still pretty cold...about 12*F vs. the 5*F it is here in town!

It was simply awesome from the low point of the meadow to the top.

It is still snowing lightly up there and is supposed to pick up . Things are holding steady up there now, it's not too windy. The trails actually ski GREAT right now because it's not too much snow, but enough to cover the crap and make for soft, silky skiing over a rock-hard base." Clay Moseley

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