Friday, February 18, 2011

Sandia Peak Update

As promised, Fredrik (UNM ski coach) regroomed the service road for skating and also set classic tracks on both sides. He also groomed and set a classic track on the UNM loop in the woods (very nice) and then went about setting a classic track up the switchback trail all the way up to the upper
road cut which runs out of the lower parking lot at the crest; he also set a classic track on this road. I skied this track on the upper road several times because it was such good classic skiing. There is also a track running up to Kiwanis meadow from the service road-- I didn't ski there. Haven't seen this kind of classic grooming up there for a long time; it was ski heaven (for the Sandias).
Skating was obviously very good on the service as well (Steve Roholt was enjoying that).

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