Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New photos posted and list of upcoming events!

Hey everyone, 

Hope you have been enjoying winter! A whole lot of SWNSC members and friends certainly have been!
Here you will find albums from Chama Chile Classic events (MLK weekend), NM Cup/Low O2 events (Jan 26-27 weekend) and Alley Loop photos from last weekend.
http://picasaweb.google.com/102429734917982531356 or you could just hit the Photo Gallery tab from our homepage anytime http://swnordicski.org/

A few other folks may have photos they'd like to share from these events I'm sure. 
Matt D, Max L, Ellen G, Elena/Tarik, Karen K - please email me if you would like to add any photos to these albums. 

Race reports, xc ski stories, anyone? Please post here on our blog!

Tri/non-ski friends: Don't let winter pass you by while you are getting utterly bored if not burnt out on the trainer/treadmill! Get out and enjoy the outdoors while taking your training to a whole new level! Don't know where to begin? -- Head to Enchanted Forest for a day or the whole weekend, rent some gear and take some lessons. You will be hooked in no time!
There are plenty of great places to stay in Red River, but Golden Eagle Lodge in particular has always been super accommodating to xc skiers and offers suites with kitchenettes for those needing to cook. Although best place is of course the yurt at Enchanted Forest if it isn't already booked.

Our trails are also getting regularly groomed thanks to our Master Groomer Dave and his helpers as you can see by the trail updates here. Plenty of places to have winter fun around here (see list below for next few weekends)!
And get the kids out - it may be frustrating/hard to get going with kids sometimes, but so worth it once you are out having fun!
Next up:
Feb 9-10 Pagosa Winterfest is coming up this weekend - less than a 3 hour drive from Los Alamos. Great events for kids, citizens and racers, including the super fun Red Ryder BB gun biathlon! The hot springs afterwards really make this a spectacular event weekend!
Feb 16-18 President's day weekend: Mt Taylor Quadrathlon. Those not helping/participating in the quad, can head to Enchanted Forest - if you are renting call ahead to book your rental - it gets busy!
Feb 23-24 Just Desserts Eat and Ski at Enchanted Forest or Leadville Loppet on the Mineral Belt Trail in Leadville.
March 2-3 Snow Mountain Stampede for those willing to drive (2 days of races with kids races every day) OR Pagosa Spring Quad Challenge OR ski/snowshoe/sled/yurt Enchanted Forest, Pagosa Springs, our trails etc. 

There are photos from most of these events from last few years up on SWNSC Photo Gallery.

Don't miss out on winter!

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