Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fundraising and 501c3 status

Hi everyone,

Alright, we are back in NM and finally have internet, cell reception AND are almost caught up on 10 days worth of work and club emails... Btw, Vermont was great but shocking number of people up there seem to think that NM is part of Mexico....

To clarify on my last (somewhat frantic :) post regarding new snowmo and the new happenings with the club:
1. Fundraising: we have not started this officially yet due to our 501c3 status. We expect to begin this effort in March (see below).
2. 501c3 tax exempt status. Our status is pending. They quoted us 90 days for the process and we have less than 30 days left. We will update you in the next 4 weeks.
3. MEANWHILE: When our 501c3 status is granted it will be effective back to Dec 2009. So you could donate now if you feel comfortable. We have had some donations already that are counting on our 501c3 coming through.

Thanks for your support! One thing that was cool to see in Vermont is how many different age and ability skiers there are. EVERYONE seems to xc ski! People up there are willing and do routinely drive quite a ways to get some skiing in! Hopefully, with all your support and efforts our local nordic culture here will keep growing and expanding with lots more good skiing and fun for everyone! We certainly have the snow and trail location for it!! :)
Btw, thanks so much to all those who donated already just as their yearly support - we cant do it without you!!

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