Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Grooming / Trail Report 2/9/10

Lots of new snow up there again. It was hard to tell, as it's been coming in spurts and there's already a lot there. Let's just say it was more than a simple matter of a quick grooming job and kind of a surprise to see that much more there over Sunday's new snow.

Chuck Calef decided to join the elite grooming corps (foolish man...) and got a good dose of grooming action last evening. He even groomed an entire lap by himself and did an excellent job, despite the challenges out in the meadow sections and our scaled-down lighting system for the moment. Let's give Chuck a solid round of applause and buy him a beer next time you see him!

We got the new snow knocked down and leveled with the blades, plus a round with the finish groomer (Tidd) and the classic track setter. So, the trail will be quite soft, but smooth. Classic might be the best bet until things firm up a little.

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