Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday update and new Sponsor

Probably the best tracks of the year up there..... perfectly set tracks and tons of snow..... and the classic tracks are set right down to the trailhead bulletin board. Try to get up and ski them before Sunday's next storm covers them once again. It's wonderful to be getting so much snow this year making great skiing and snowshoeing, but it sure ups the work load for our 6 volunteer groomers.

As Dina said before, this year we're doing a big fundraising project, and we need your help with this, we're taking on a big trail grooming commitment to you, the trail user, to the US Forest Service, and to the New Mexico x-c ski community as well by taking out a big loan from LANB (thanks to Los Alamos National Bank for believing in us!) to buy our new grooming snowmobile, a big Yamaha Viking, a machine specifically designed for work in the woods.

So LANB is like a new sponsor for us (actually, this is not the 1st time, they donated a nice check some years back for one of our ski races).

Also we want to mention Santa Fe Motor Sport, the source for our Yamaha snowmobile. They too are a significant new sponsor as they managed to discount the purchase price for us by a couple thousand dollars!

So we need as many of you as can, to join or donate to the club to aid in our repayment! A typical one day trail use pass at most touring centers would cost about $10 per person for just one day's skiing. Many groomed trail systems charge $15/day or more, for grooming of the same high quality, so you can see that a SWNSC membership is an incredible bargain, and really doesn't quite cover all the costs in maintaining even a small trail system like ours.

Also, we are looking for business sponsors, and are hoping that perhaps some of you x-c regulars might help with this. If you know of (or are) an area business, perhaps you might consider asking them to join our sponsors. We can help with this, providing information about the club, it history, it's finances and activities, and provide visibility on our club uniforms and website for sponsors' ads.

In the meantime, get out and ski, it's great up there!

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