Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Trail update

John and Tom regroomed for classic and skating Monday evening, and conditions in the woods and Canada Bonita are very good as of 5PM Tuesday. Quite cold up there all day kept the grooming well, and it should be good tomorrow, tho a warming trend is forecast for the afternoon.


chris said...

hey guys and ladies,
really like what you all have done up there.
this comment is on increasing the number of people nordic skiing in nm.
i raced biathlon internationally for the us military for 7 years and moved to nm in 1995. couldnt understand why there werent more skiers out here with such great snow. on the east coast the snow is very wet and freezes to boilerplate in one day if it doesnt melt away.
anyways, there were a couple other guys in albuquerque that felt the same... and i do mean only a couple. tried working with the forest service to "free" the sandias and they just didnt want any extra work. ( we bought a snowmobile and wanted to put a shed up to protect. the forest service said anything we put up would have to be taken back down in the spring. much different than the forest service guy you have up there )
we spent many weekends trying to carve trails out of were you couldnt even walk and the forest service fought us every step of the way. the final straw for me was when one of the rangers refused to mark a tree for clearing so the trail would be safe to ski. ( and we did all the cutting since they were to lazy to get out in the woods) you see down here they dont ski, they walk on fiberglass and call it skiing. they desire a trial you need to stop every ten feet and twist your body to get past two trees.
add that to the unm ski coach not wanting to develope the top of the sandia and instead putting his effort into some trails at a lower elevation that never held snow. i understand he has now given up on that, after 10 years of skiing on rocks.

not being negative but i finally bailed after realizing only three of us new the formula. its very simple. have a skiable trail within a short driving distance (15 miles ) of the largest population in the state. there are 800,000 people in albuquerue. and skiing is only a tram ride away. a decade ago i use to see clay up there with some of the other biker guys. if we had had your club with your forest service guy ten years ago you would have 200 active skiers in nm.

i hope this isnt seen as being negative. ten years ago the sandias could of been a mecca for nordic skiing except the forest sevice as too lazy and unm ski team was too busy to help develop a nordic trial system that families could step off a tram and enjoy the day.

you folks are doing a great job up there. i hope you stay strong.

chris norton

Tarik Saleh said...

Hey Chris,

Thanks for the note, we are lucky to have a dedicated crew and a great relationship with the forest service. Hope you can get up here to enjoy the trails.