Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday Afternoon Grooming Update

About a foot and a half of new snow up there, on a base of over 4 feet, it's just beautiful!

Yesterday Gene ran the roller around the trails doing a pre packing, and a bit later Dave and Ken worked long into the night grooming. Ended up with many machines stuck and had to walk out around 11PM!

This morning they were back up there, getting things unstuck, restarted, etc and by mid day had a nice set of classic tracks put in down to the "Coat Tree" so the entire trail is groomed for classic and skating and looks very good for the duration of the weekend, nice and wide.

Thanks to Gene for pre-rolling yesterday and to Dave and Ken for a great job of grooming: very wide and flat, and a very nice set of classic tracks!

Only caveat, it looks like the first day of the annual January thaw up there, so there will be icy tracks tomorrow needing a klister base for those of you doing classic.

Reminder, if you haven't yet renewed your membership now is the time! Probably the most and best snowfalls weve had in years and much packing and grooming for your enjoyment. So go to and pull down a membership form and help us out. LANB just gave us a big loan to buy our big new grooming snowmobile, and we need lots of help paying that down!

Thanks, Tom Berg

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