Monday, January 18, 2010

Chama Chile Classic

We had a great turnout for the race.... there must have been 10 or 12 of us at the start, all wearing Dina's SWNSKI red jerseys. Clay blazed to an amazing 1st overall finish as a number of more mortal SWNSKI's took their age groups........ They had over 100 preregistered for the race, and it was very well run.

Thanks to Clay, Denny and Dave the grooming was 1st rate (with help from the Pagosa groomers and, I think also groomers from Alamosa).

I hadn't skiied up there in more than 10 years and had forgot just how beautiful a nordic venue it is.


PS: Clay took VERY good of us waxwise... his suggestion to use blue klister covered with VF45 was right on, and we had good kick and good glide on very old coarse snow; the snow quality reminded me of my younger days skiing in Maine!

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D. West Davies said...

Thanks for sharing. Glad you guys had fun. Check out my YouTube channel for great nordic ski videos in Pagosa Springs.