Thursday, January 21, 2010

Trail Conditions: update

Well we were running short of snow, but that's no longer a problem, we're buried, and about to get much more tonight and Friday.

We managed to revive another of our old snowmobiles monday night, so we now have Cosmo (1984 Alpine Ski Doo) and Rambo (1981 Alpine) up and running... and we're keeping our fingers crossed that they will keep going thru this great sequence of storms.

Good news is the guys have been able to get out and pack in the last two snowfalls a bit, to build up the base, and they have been helped greatly by those of you who have been out touring in the new snow and stopped to ski pack in some of those steep hills. Ken said that his grooming last night was helped A LOT by the good people who had prepacked the hills for him yesterday: there is enough snow falling that it is a real challenge to get a snowmobile thru deep snow on the 1st pass.

Clay tells me that the County plowed up and around the 1st bad steep turn late this afternoon in preparation for their plan for keeping the road open tomorrow for skiers to get up to Pajarito Ski Area which is open Fridays. So it should be possible for all of us to get up there and ski tour and snowshoe on the trails tomorrow during the 3 installment of snowstorms.

Check the blog for grooming updates. Also check the new webcams on the Pajarito website for visual updates on what's happening up on the hill.

Thanks for your help!


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