Sunday, March 2, 2008

Trail report 3-01-08

Hopefully the new snow will make this report irrelevant.

I went up for a late evening snowshoe last night and saw that most of the trail is in pretty good condition.

We are losing the front hill in the middle parts. Lower road is heavily trafficked, but in good shape, lower meadow is torn up pretty good. Upper meadow is in good shape, what I could see of the upper trails looked good. Midmeadow road has been groomed a bit, it is really soft though. Some creative grooming has created some mid meadow loops.

Jess and Ken skating into the sunset last week

There were dog, snowshoer and ped postholes in the soft parts of the lower meadow. This is a good time to do early morning and late evening activities. When it is 60 degrees in town consider postponing your trail activities until the snow firms up.

Like I says I hope we get some snow today to help cover the dirt and the holes.

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Anonymous said...

I skied the trail this morning with the new snow and it was great. I skied out the road to the meadow and then turned around about 1/2 way to the Valle fence and returned on the lower loop trail.

I want to thank the SWNSC people who have worked hard to clear and groom the trails over the years. I am not a skate skier or xc racer. My skiing passions are skiing the steeps at Taos from the lift and hike to ridgelines and hiking or skinning up for turns at Pajarito or other venues. Still, I really appreciate having a great xc trail system close to home. The stories and photos from your races make for great reading. While enjoying an awesome ski day at Taos yesterday, I told some Taos ski buddies about the xc trail system here and they were envious. I skied from 6:45 to 7:30 this morning. Despite a slow and treacherous drive down the Camp May Road, I got home and showered and arrived at the office at 8:30.

Happy Skiing,
Mike Engelhardt