Sunday, March 30, 2008

Last Grooming of the Season trail pictures 3/28/08

That's a wrap folks. Please come help out with the "clean up" trail work day. We'll pull the fencing down and clean things up. Six-months pregnant Dina and I snowshoed up to the upper meadow and pulled down all of the wands, so that part is done.

Here are some pics of the trail during the last grooming session last Friday evening (3.28/o8). If you didn't go ski, too bad. It was pretty nice.

Just past pt A ----- ---- Groomer's eye view

The coat tree at pt. B...pretty dirty snow here Good snow just a little further up

not's the rock on Dave's Dogleg Good track in the meadow

Kermit and 6' Tidd in the meadow --- -- Looking down the meadow at sunset

Setting track on the way down: with flash............ and without

These are interesting. We had a lot of tree blow-downs this season and had to go up at night and play lumberjack by headlamp. We were lucky to get a lot of new snow right after cutting all of these trees up, but now with the meltdown, you can see the evidence of those long nights of work. This wreaked havoc with my klister!

I like this spot on the trail system. It's where the "new" section rejoins the original trail right near where we have the moonlight parties.

Parting shot: one last look at the meadow. Good crust skiing's pretty much finished now.

Thanks to everyone who has volunteered, donated and supported the club. It works thanks to you!

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