Friday, March 7, 2008

Grooming update redux 3/7/2008

Just to expand on the last post. I just got back from the trail, skiing until I bonked so hard that my teeth hurt.

DaveW. not only groomed the whole trail but it looks like he groomed every little shortcut that has been open at anypoint this year. The upper meadow is a bit drifty already, the mid meadow trail is still soft and really drifty, fun for going down, crappy for going up. The upper trails are in great shape, well groomed and a bit soft.

Remember though, we are in the part of the year where the trail gets slushy when the sun hits it and freezes solid when the sun goes down. The front hill went from soft to ice rink in the 2 hours I was out there. So be careful, some bits of the upper trail went from groomed to iced as well. I suspect it will still be great tomorrow morning and we will be on our way to ice city tomorrow night. i did not ski the lower road, some evidence of lots of dog traffic already, but it looked pretty good from point A....

Big huge thanks to Dave. Classic track is set as well.

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