Friday, March 28, 2008

Grooming/Trail Conditions Report 3/28/08

Get it while the gettin's good. That is the last grooming session of the year. I took some pictures to post, but left my camera bag in the trackster and can't download them. I'm bummed about that, as they're pretty cool.

I got up there just after 5pm and the snow was corn and pretty soft. Some short sections were frozen and not really good, but it mostly groomed out nicely. There's lots of debris in some stretches, so be careful. It's especially bad where the big trees fell and we had to cut them out and all kinds of sawdust and boughs got buried under the's all exposed now.

I just focused on the upper trails and the meadow from point M to the top. The lower trail didn't get any grooming...sorry. It likely has burn out spots anyway. As it was, the session took a long time because it hadn't been groomed in a couple of weeks...too bad, as it would have been nicer if we had stayed on top of it. The 4 people who groom regularly ran out of steam. We need more help...seriously.

You'll need to walk to just before the coat tree at point B. After that, it's continous, but I had to shovel three different spots, so be careful. The worst one is just over the little hill a hundred meters past the coat tree. Other than that, it's actually pretty good skiing in some long stretches.

The trail is groomed for both skating and classic from point B to the top of the meadow, and then down the meadow to the entrance at point M. Be careful on the meadow trail where it enters the little tree sections. It's very uneven and one spot that is exposed to the wind has a very narrow covering.

It was below freezing when I got done, so it was setting up nicely. Should hold up for the morning.


PS -- We will have a NO EXCUSES work day next Saturday, April 5, to pull down all of the fencing and wands, and put away the equipment. Please come up and help if you can. If we have interest, we can do a nice BBQ afterward and enjoy some burgers, brats, beer, etc. It should be fun, actually.

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