Thursday, January 3, 2008

Trail Report 1/3/08

The temperatures climbed more today than they have in a was actually pretty warm up high, and colder down low...typical with a NM high pressure inversion. So, while it was pleasant temps with filtered sunshine, it was still cool enough to keep the snow from transforming in all but the sunniest areas.

The trails are still holding nicely. The grooming from the weekend did a great job. There is quite a bit of tree trash and few little uneven places, but overall it is good skiing, both classical and skating. The snow is quite firm, but not icy. The meadow trails are very firm with wind cups and drifts. The classic track is good in the trees, but wind-blown in the open meadow areas.

All trails still have some powdery snow (not ice) to edge on for control. For kick, it looks like some blue klister mixed in with whatever hard wax is necessary for the current temperature would help out quite a bit. Conditions vary from bottom to top.

Watch out for a few obstacles lurking just at the top surface of the snow. I noticed the tops of some of those big rocks are right about to poke through. looks like some snow is on the way later in the weekend.

Don't forget about the clinics and the 'for-fun' training time trial this weekend.

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