Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Grooming...er, uh, chainsawing trees

Welp, not much got done as far as formal grooming this evening. With hurricane-force winds, quite a number of trees came down on the trails, from start to finish, so there was a lot of clean-up to do.

It took pretty much the entire regular grooming force with chainsaws to get the trails cleared. There is still a LOT of debris on the trails, so please, take some time to help us pick some of it up...you'll see where it is.

The lower road, between point O and point P is the worst, with some big sticks still on the snow.

Oh yeah, there was some incidental packing, as we used the machines to help us get to the trees and to assist in pulling some of them out...don't expect anything too nice.

We'll see what happens with this next storm predicted for tomorrow (Wednesday, Jan 30)

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Greg Kendall said...

I was up at the Caldera XC skiing last week and it struct me that the Caldera's terrain would be great for some ski races.

It nicer up at the VCNP then at Soldier Field in Utah, where they held the Olympics. A little grooming and you would have a fantastic course.

Had to share that. -Greg