Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Chama Chile Classic Jan 20, 2008

Well, I didnt get to go this year because Clay gave me his flu while conveniently getting over it himself just in time for Chama! Anyway, as expected I seriously missed out.

It was a gorgeous sunny day with yet another great turn out of 80+ skiers/snowshoers. The course was made easier this year as all downhills had a nice run out (for those of us who cant turn :) and was beautifully groomed thanks to dedicated Chama help consisting of 5 days of solid course packing by their snomo volunteers and Clay's work on Friday and Saturday with our club's 4 ft tidd and track setter pulled by Cosmo, our 'new' snomo.

Everyone really enjoyed the race, and our John B. won the 10k. The 5k and the snowshoe race were also quite popular. The awards ceremony after the race at the High Country restaurant was fun, with all the green chile stew and loads of giveaways including $50 gift cards to Sportz Outdoor store - they were one of the race sponsors this year! Of course there is also the whole Chama/High Country Restaurant volunteer gang that makes the whole thing just a lot more Chama and a lot more fun, but you have to be there to understand and to drink the beer (so make sure to attend awards next year!!). Results and race report will be posted at http://www.chamaski.com/ soon (currently the 2008 report and results link points to 2007 report and results).

SWNSKI had John B, Clay, Dave Judy and Wyatt W, Greg O and family, Gene, Denny, John and Nancy U., there representing us which is very nice. But I really hope our club participation increases next year. The race really needs our support - if we dont make an effort now to support such events, we will lose the fragile nordic culture of NM completely!
There was talk of keeping some groomed trails in Chama - a few locals who already have the necessary machines and the means are interested in finding out more about grooming there! They will be contacting us hopefully.

As I was not there, I'm sorry to say neither were my photographic skills... well maybe not skills, but the fact that I try to take a few shots before the event is well over with. Anyway, here are a few shots taken by Toma and Clay well after all races were over and then down at awards.
1) Toma driving Cosmo:

2) Toma, women's 10k winner - check out the cool medals everyone got!

3)Clay in front of the warming hut out on race course (start/finish 'stadium' visible at right)

4) While awards were a lot of fun, Wyatt was just too tired from watching mom and dad race skis and snowshoes all morning :)

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