Monday, January 7, 2008

Pajarito Ski Time Trial Results Jan 6th 2008

Despite having to leave their car half way up the unplowed ski hill road and hike up Judy, Lyle and Luke Amer from Santa Fe did make it to the time trial. Actually, at that point it was well after 10am and Denny has been groooming since 4am (Clay did a lap after 9am), but both efforts were hard to see due to all the snow coming down and being blown very quickly! So the fact that Amers did make it was complete and utter luck! They skied up to point B as I was sending off Paul - the last in line after Clay and Denny, so they had 60 seconds to get ready and hear what the course was.
The TT course was from point B up to top of meadow coming back on lower road and finishing at B again - start/finishline was the Coat Tree, no shortcuts were used. The snow was very very soft and it was snowing the whole time. Here are the results:

Clay Moseley 25:55

Denny Newell 34:09 (After grooming for 5 hours that morning)

Paul Graham 34:08

Judy Amer 35:42

Luke Amer 34:39

Lyle Amer 32:39

Here are pictures Clay starting and Denny and Paul lined up (note their fancy club clothes!) and then the Amers frantically stripping and getting ready to start:

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