Friday, January 25, 2008

"Repay Clay" Fundraiser Results

Our treasurer, Paul Graham, informed the BOD last night that the cost incurred buying our "new" Ski Doo Alpine known as Cosmo has now been paid off.  

Last Fall, Kesiel Coaching, Clay Moseley and Paul Graham volunteered to front ALL the money needed to buy Cosmo, a considerable amount to be sure!   This Winter we have been running a fundraiser "The Repay Clay Fund" to reimburse them for some portion of their expenses.

I'm glad to report that thru the generosity of 9 donors who gave money specifically to pay off this debt, that our three initial benefactors have had the amounts of their respective contributions reduced to amounts that they can handle.  The three still remain the donors giving the largest amounts to the purchase, but the remaining nine came thru with big bucks too.

In the end, the three reduced the amount they wanted to be repaid and that money was used to pay off a long standing debt the club had with Dave Wykoff for purchase of his near new classic tracksled.

I'd like to add that we have continued to receive "regular" donations and memberships and that income has helped to defray the  unexpected costs of Kermit's "New Shoes" [the tracks had to be replaced on the Cushman Trackster].

As you know grooming and maintaining a x-c ski trail is quite expensive, in addition to requiring literally hundreds of hours put in by our volunteer groomer/mechanics, and we depend on the generosity of you who ski and snowshoe the trail system to offset these costs.  So if you haven't yet gotten around to joining our club, please download a membership form and send it in soon...  our 3rd Annual Members Only, Spring Full Moon Ski, Party and Picnic is coming up in March, probably one of the most fun events you can do on skiis [or snowshoes], and you don't want to miss this one! 

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